From Our Pastor:

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

During this time of heightened awareness and necessary caution, please keep social distancing and use precautions to lessen exposure and risk. Follow the rules called for by the Governor of NY State.

1. The Parish Office will be closed. For all things contact office by telephone 631 273 8113 and Secretary or one of the Priests will answer your call and resolve the issue that you may have.

2. The Church will remain open daily from 8:00am until 8:00pm for private prayer. Avoid group gatherings.

3. On Sunday will live-stream Masses on the internet through Parish Facebook at 9:00am Spanish

11:00am English

12:30pm French-Creole.

Masses are celebrated in the Chapel but they are all private, without people, except those who help to set up and put it on line on Sunday.

All Mass intentions will be fulfilled during the private Masses celebrated by our Priests as they were requested, and we will celebrate Masses daily. Hopefully we stay healthy to do so.

4. Outreach Office is closed, but we will serve food for those who are in need by telephone appointment through Parish Office. We will serve food as long as supplies last.

5.  Baptisms, Weddings, and Quinceañeras will be postponed until such time, as we are permitted to have regular gatherings. Parish secretary will call you to rearrange the dates.

6.  There are no Confessions. If you need to talk to the priest, please call the office. Priest will call you back and if necessary, we will make an appointment for confession. Try to follow the website and Facebook, we will put there Holy Fathers Indulgence statement, for those who pray for and help others with the virus.

7.  No Funerals will be celebrated, no wakes. The Masses and Vigils for our beloved dead we can celebrate after the restrictions are lifted.

8. Family Faith Formation, and RCIA programs have been moved to on line classes and instructions.

Follow the instructions of our Director of Religious Education and those responsible for the RCIA.

9. For any information or need, please call the parish office 

631 273 8113 or check our Parish Website or Facebook.

Sorry if there were blimps or no voice during the Mass transmissions,

but if there were live pictures so at least you know we are ok. 

We will try to improve only. For any observations on transmissions please talk to Dn. Andres – our super camera Man.

Please stay healthy and keep social distancing. Don’t make gatherings for prayer except through telephone and internet. We don’t want to spread the virus.

God bless Everyone !!! 

Fr. Stan