May 15, 2022- Fifth Sunday of Easter 

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

   Last weekend we celebrated Mother’s Day, and even if the weather was not so nice, it was a good weekend, because everyone was thinking about the goodness of our mothers, and it was reminding us of the love, that we received from them. Mother’s Day inspires us to express our love and appreciation for our moms, so that they could feel loved in return for their sacrifices made for us.

The flowers that were prepared for sale at the door of the church by Reina and some good helpers, were one of the expressions of the love for our mothers, and I am sure they brought smiles to the faces and warmth to the hearts of moms and wife's who received them.

   Remembering those whom we love is very important. We all like to be remembered, and our moms have a special right to it, as we owe them our lives and our being who we are. We always need to strive to have a good relationship with our parents, but especially with our mothers.

   In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus tells us: “I give you a new commandment: Love one another, as I have loved you, so you also should love one another. This is how all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another“ (John 13:34). It is a very high example that Jesus gives us with his total sacrifice of his life for us. We all desire to receive such a great love, but are we ready to correspond with such great love, are we ready to reciprocate this infinite love?

   It is very difficult, because much of what we consider as love is so selfish. Our self-satisfaction and self-fulfillment stand first before we consider, that greatness of love is found in selflessness, in generous self-gift to the other, in self forgetfulness. It is much to be considered, before each of us can reflect on how my love for others can be comparable to that of Christ for me? How Christ’s love for me is comparable to my love for Christ? Each of us needs to answer those questions if we want to learn to love as Jesus love us. One of the measures of our love for Christ, is our service we do for others.

   Here I want to thank everyone for your commitment to the parish, to serving our community in capacities that you define by your talents- capacities and time that you can spare in service. Every service we do, it becomes a touch of Christ’ love for the recipients of our service. As Jesus said: “whatever you do to the list of my brethren you do it to me.” It is always good to remember for whom we do what we do, so that we preserve necessary humility about it, and we will have our reward in heaven. This is the promise that Jesus makes to those who serve without seeking the immediate reward for it. This is the characteristic of Jesus’ love, and this is the characteristic of mother’s love for her children. What a great example! Let’s love one another as he has loved us, so that we can be recognized as His disciples. God bless everyone always!!!

Fr. Stan

I mentioned the Flower Sale earlier; the Sale on Mother’s Day was a great success, even if the weather was not very cooperative for selling the flowers in the parking lot by the street crossing. The value of the sold flowers was over $7,000. It was done with a lot of work and lots of love from those who made it possible by helping to put it all together. Thank You to all for participating by making the floral arrangements, and by buying them as a gift of your love for others. I am always amazed how all different services are done with all different talents that are placed in service by you, the parishioners and friends of St. Anne.