November 28, 2021 - First Sunday of Advent

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

    This Sunday we are entering already the Advent season, and then Christmas. It is the time when we feel closest to God, because we know that Jesus becomes a man to be among us, and we all can easily relate to Him as a baby. As we start this Advent, it is little shocking as for this first Sunday of Advent, we continue to read the readings that still continue to talk about the end of the world, the end of times. Probably it is the most radical and somewhat scary part of the Gospel, when Jesus predicts incredible cosmic events and human confusion, at what will be happening as the Second Coming of Christ will be imminent. We can say, that the readings became even more radical and challenging, as those from Sunday of Christ the King of the Universe.

     We can ask ourselves, why would the Church bring to our attention such frightening part of the Gospel at the beginning of such a beautiful season, that ends in Jesus’ gentle coming to dwell among us? The reason is certainly not to frighten us, but to bring to our attention the integral part of the Gospel, that the end of the world as we know is inevitable, and surely it will be frightening to anyone who will live in those times.

   So, in a certain sense, we cannot stop contemplating the glory of Christ the King, but we need to be mindful of the reality, of how we will get there, so that we are not overcome by the events, that will lead us to the glory of heaven, through the events of the end of times.

      This is the reason why we cannot stop from preparing a place for Christ in our lives. This is why the glory of Christ the King is followed by the renewed call for vigilance until the last promises of Jesus would be fulfilled in the end of the world. Here is the reason why the Church keeps going back to contemplate and celebrate Jesus coming in word and sacrament until He comes again. This is one of the last commands of Jesus to us, to celebrate His Memorial until He comes in glory.

      So, the Advent and the whole liturgical calendar, is a part of this process of waiting for Jesus Second Coming on the end of the world. Until then, Jesus is hidden in the Sacramental presence, and we keep preparing our faith, so that we would not be frightened on that day, terrible and glorious as it may be.

      This is the motivation behind the continuous need for our relationship with Jesus Christ, and we cannot rest from relating to Jesus. He is the only answer to what keeps coming our way until the end of the world. This relationship that we have with Jesus is the single most important thing in our life. It is the relationship that will last for all eternity, beyond the end of the world. The yearly Advent is only a beginning of preparation for the big Advent, that is the end of the physical world as we know it, the end of times when the dead will rise from the graves for life everlasting. Then we will see the glory of God in all things. Until then, we continue to pray and celebrate in yearly fashion, reminding ourselves of the reality that is to come.

     The Second Coming of Christ, is the only answer and alternative that we have to the darkness and emptiness of our own tombs. Nobody but Christ, can enlighten that perspective of the passing of the world, and Jesus is the only one to lift up our souls from the darkness of our graves. This is true Advent, as those who have died await the resurrection of their bodies for life everlasting. Come Lord Jesus!  We are waiting, we are preparing for You. Let us look for Christ who is coming! Have a blessed Advent!

     I want to thank everyone who helped us with serving our poor families with Thanksgiving meal. We served families with baskets of food and turkeys. It is a sign of your great generosity to God and to our parish. Thank You All!!!

God bless everyone always!!!

Fr. Stan

First Sunday of Advent