October 2, 2022- 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

     "Increase our faith”, is the request of the Apostles in the Gospel of today. We all could relate to that, we all would like to have the faith as great as to move the mountains, or transplant the trees by an act of faith alone. It would be nice to have the powers to do miracles, but first we need to have that great faith. Where do we get the faith? How do we start believing in someone or something?

     We start believing in something by making an experience of it. We trust that something works out in a certain way on the basis of a spiritual or material experience. We know that our car is working well, and that we can depend on it for transportation. But, when we go to the City, we may prefer to take the train, because we had an experiences of: bad traffic, lack of parking spots, overcharging for the parking, parking tickets, traffic violations for taking wrong turn in wrong place etc. With all that, we are probably more likely to take the train and trust, that this is much more peaceful solution for visiting the City. It is in those experiences, that we trust or distrust ourselves or others, or the circumstances of life.

     Our faith in others is similar to this. We know whom we can trust and to what extent, and with what, on the basis of our experience of them and their dedication to the word, to the promise. We know who can do what, we know who to trust with what.

     Very similar is our experience of God. We learn who God is, we learn what God does, we learn how God behaves, we get our perception and understanding of God. That perception, understanding and experience, will always be limited by our humanity and our nature, but it has as well, infinite possibilities, as God can give us the experience of who he truly is without limits. This is why we have such a variety of saints, and each of them is different and amazing in unique ways, with particular virtues and deeds, that make them unrepeatable.

     An experience, is what we seek in prayer, and in sacraments, we seek that transforming encounter with God, with Christ, with the Holy Spirit. We wait for God to reveal himself to us, so that we would know the fullness of our life, of our faith, so that we would know and have a Communion and ultimate happiness with God.

     Are we ready for that revelation? Are we ready for that encounter? Are we ready for that transformation? The saints are ready, and God transforms them because they let him do it. As for the rest of us, we want to control that experience too much, we want to be in charge, we want to tell God what to do. Somehow we don't get it, that God knows everything and does not need our counsel, but he needs our acceptance, to let him take over in our lives. This is why we come again and again, to seek that encounter with God, to deepen our faith, our experience of God.

   And hopefully one day we will arrive, as the saints do; we will realize that it was the best thing to do, and that it was God's gift to us all the way, in experiencing and living in communion with God. Then, we will allow God to work through us, we will allow God to use us as the extension of himself, as his hands, his feet, his heart in reaching towards others; and we would then say:" we are unprofitable servants; we have done what we were obliged to do."

     To seek God is our privilege, a privilege of our nature, that finds its fullness in God. Sanctity and Communion with God, it is a call and duty for all Christians, who believe in Jesus’ love. So let us grow in faith, let us grow in our experience of God, in hope and love for God, and then we will be moving the mountains that separate us from God and from others. “Lord, increase our faith!”

God bless everyone always!!!

Fr. Stan