St Annes Church RAFFLE winners banner

August 1, 2021 -  18th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

     In last Sunday’s gospel Jesus fed the multitude of people by multiplying bread and fish. It was a great miracle foretelling us about the upcoming miracle of the Eucharist. Jesus calls it his true food. The food that lasts forever, the bread that comes from heaven. Here comes the question, do we really get it when Jesus says forever? Doesn’t it easily skip our perception as to the extent of it? Forever means: today, tomorrow and always. Isn’t it fantastic? Great? Incredible? Our mind may perceive it, but our body is slow to capture it, because it means living it hour after hour until we get there. And so we say: “I believe it when I see it”, as Deacon John mentioned last Sunday.

     Last Sunday at our picnic, we have seen how much it takes to feed and entertain hundreds of people. It was a miracle, because we had enough food for everyone. Maybe it was not so elaborate as before pandemic with roasted pigs and who knows what, but for our modest approach to it this year, we can say that it surpassed all our expectations. This happened because of all of you who made it happen through your service, help, and participation. Everyone who took a job to serve made a difference. We are all winners. Who won a prize, who won a friend? It was so good to see all work together as we prayed, we ate, we had fun and even the sun was very moderate. We could see the beauty of painted and smiling faces of our children, colorfulness of dresses, and the specially made shirts and hats for Grandparents day, that we will continue to sell in days to come.

     You could have become a mega raffle winner by participation, we had 16 prizes ranging from $500 to $10,000. The number of winners came to over 20 people because some tickets were bought by groups of friends. As I mentioned before, we all have become winners by participating in such a great coming together and supporting our parish.

       It was a great deal of work and service, but it was worth it. It was great to see so many people doing different things in service and having fun doing it. I want to thank everyone for preparing, serving, helping, playing, donating gifts and time, talents and treasure. I want to thank everyone and each individually! Great thanks to Knights of Columbus for doing a fantastic job in helping with cooking and serving, as if it was their own event. We thank the Firefighters for setting up the tent to provide us with the shade. I want to thank all our sponsors and donors, and volunteers who put it all together. Special thanks to Deacon Andres for sponsoring the games for children. It made all the difference to see them happy, smiling and enjoying themselves. Thank you, Deacon Andres, for proposing it and making it happen.

     Praise the Lord for all of you who participated in our feast, it was a wonderful day. As in the Gospel, Jesus prepared a feast for all of us, as he said: “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me will never hunger, and whoever believes in me will never thirst.”

     Once more I thank all for preparing, serving, helping in any way. May the Saints Anna and Joachim continue to intercede for our parish and all families, may they bring happiness, good health and all blessings to all our Grandparents. Happy Grandparents Day!

God bless everyone! Bless our Parish! Saints Anne and Joachim pray for us!!!

Fr. Stan