Though the parish outreach is closed, we are still able to distribute boxes of food to those in need.
Please call the Parish Office 631-273-8113 and leave a message with your name and phone number and
someone will return your call.

My volunteers and I are praying for everyone in this extremely challenging time. I think we must think of
ways to do a random act of kindness each day and to think of others. My suggestions are to call a friend,
write a note to someone or ask a neighbor if you can help them in any way. We all need to find ways to
keep ourselves busy during our quarantine, for isolation can play havoc on our minds. Praying each day
is essential to our spiritual growth. It is wonderful to pray silently but at mealtime pray out loud with
your family. If you live alone, pray those words aloud too. God is listening to you and He needs to hear
from you each day. Taking a walk and observing the beauty of nature that God has given us is helpful
both physically and spiritually. In the quiet of that walk, you may experience the wonders you never
knew existed in your own neighborhood. I also find journaling very therapeutic. You can write down
what you do each day and how you feel each day. Not everyday do we feel upbeat and positive, but we
must find ways to keep busy. Reading, doing puzzles, exercising and listening to music can also be
helpful in passing the endless hours of isolation during this Covid-19 virus outbreak. Please know that
we are all hoping to be together again soon at the Parish of St. Anne.
Janet Lambert, Outreach Director