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Announcements August 1, 2021

  1. We have adoration this coming Thursday night from 8 to 11:00pm in Spanish and 11:00pm to midnight in English. All of you are invited to spend time with the Lord and enjoy his many blessings.

  2. St. Anne’s Youth group will have a trip to Splish Splash on August 20th, find the information/authorization form in the bulletin fill it up and bring it to the Youth Group on Friday, no later than August 13.

  3. On August 29th we will have a Divine Mercy retreat, from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm All are invited to know more about the Mercy of the Lord.

  4. Anyone interested in learning English as a second Language or to read in Spanish, register in the Parish Office. Classes will start in September

  5. We want to thank all who helped to prepare and to serve at the feast of St. Ann and St. Joachim last Sunday. It was a good time together, Masses, prayers, enjoying people, company, good food and games.

    We thank everyone: who prepared the place, the tents, tables, chairs, food, drinks. Who served helping with admissions, with tickets, with food, drinks, selling shirts and hats. Who helped to clean and put things back in order.

    We thank Deacon Andre who contracted the Clowns, jumping house, the face painter, popcorn machine and sweet machine. We thank the youth for playing with kids.

    We thank our cooks, the Knight of Columbus, and those who served it. We thank all who donated things for the feast.

    We thank all who bought the tickets for the big raffle, and congratulate all who won Mega Raffle prizes. We thank couple of winners who donated to the parish the prize they won.

    We all enjoyed a blessed beautiful celebration. We thank all for prayers and novena to St. Anne and Joachim, we thank you for participation. With all the limits and pandemic we did fantastic. It was the best think that happened to us since the Pandemic. As a pastor I am so happy to see your dedication to our community and to our families. May God bless you all!!!